Verified family records are scarce in Ireland. Early censuses were accidentally shredded and pulped by the government and later censuses were destroyed in the 1922 Public records office fire. Catholic parish records, various land valuations (e.g. Griffiths), gravestone transcriptions and family histories are all that are left.

The Roots Ireland website is as authorative a source as remains and a search of its records for Kilkie, Kilky, Kilkey, Gilky and Gilkie find only a handful of records but in our view they are indicative.

Names found from pre 1800 are shown below

BirthGilkieCharles1683Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkieJames1683Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkeWilliam1743Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkeElizabeth1744Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkeJohn1744Co. Derry
Church MarriageGikeElizabeth1745Co. Derry
birthGilkeWilliam1746Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkeWilliam1746Co. Derry
birthGilkeElizabeth1747Co. Derry
birthGilkeJohn1748Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkeMartha1749Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilikyAnn1768Co. Derry

Note that names change but they all start with G and not K. This is consistent with the original surname having the origin as Giolla. Also note that although the search was ireland wide all individuals are to be found in county Londonderry. It is not just the presence of names with a G it is also that there are no K surnames either that is so indicative that the name was Gilkie/Gilke/Gilky before it became Kilkie/Kilkey/Kilky.

Kilkie pre 1800

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