Whilst much of the 1831 census of Ireland was destroyed we are fortunate that most of the records for Londonderry survive. Family historian Bill McAfee has transcribed the records and provided internet access to these, for which we are grateful.

An analysis of the records for Kilkie/Kilkey and Kilky shows only one (or two) records, whilst a similar review for Gilkie/Gilkey/Gilky gives a further 8 individuals. The complete list of records is given below:

KilkyJamesKeenaghtTamlaght FinlaganMulkeeragh
GilkeyWidowKeenaghtTamlaght FinlaganDrumacarney
GilkyNancyKeenaghtTamlaght FinlaganDrumballydonaghy
GilkyThomasKeenaghtTamlaght FinlaganDrumballydonaghy
GilkeyIsaacN. W. LibertiesTemplemoreL/Derry, Wapping Lane
GilkyWilliamTirkeeranClondermotTullyally Lower

A comparison between these individuals and those existing in the later Griffiths valuation (1859) shows some similarities as would be expected.

Note again that in this early period G seems preferable to K in spelling.

Kilkie – 1831 census

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