The same lack of documentary evidence described elsewhere affected records of the 19th Century. No complete censuses or central records of BMD exist for Northern Ireland for this period. However, parish records, land valuations and tombstone records do Exist. In addition we have reached the period when family memories are written down or reliably passed down. Finally death records that do exist from the early 20th Century link back and give some credibility to the non-official records of the previous century.

Records within Roots Ireland show a change of Surname spelling from G to K. Although some Gilkie and Gilky still exist the usual spelling became Kilkey with occasionally Kielkey and rarely Kilkie. It is worth remembering that most people were illilerate and could not spell their names, only say them. It was left to officials, clerks and clergy to interpret spoken names as written names.

The same change from G to K took place in other surnames, for example Gilbride became Kilbride.

The table below shows Roots Ireland records for the period 1800 to 1900

birthGillkeyWilliam1852 Co. Derry
birthGilkieDuff1853 Co. Antrim
Church MarriageGilkieJohn1861 Co. Antrim
Church MarriageGilkieWilliam1862 Co. Antrim
birthKielkeyJane1864 Co. Derry
birthKilkeyJane1864 Co. Derry
birthKilkeyJohn1864 Co. Derry
birthKilkeyJohn1864 Co. Derry
birthKielkeyCatherine1866 Co. Derry
birthKielkeyWilliam1866 Co. Derry
birthKilkieCatherine1866 Co. Derry
Church MarriageGilkieJames1868 Co. Derry
birthKielkeyWilliam Henry1870 Co. Derry
birthKielkyEllen1870 Co. Derry
birthKilkeySusan1873 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKickleyEliza1878 Co. Tyrone
Church MarriageKilkieSarah1879 Co. Derry
Civil MarriageKilkieSarah1879 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKilkeyWilliam1884 Co. Derry
Civil MarriageKilkeyWilliam1884 Co. Derry
birthKilkeyWilliam James1885 Co. Derry
birthKilkeyMichael1886 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKelkeyGeorge1893 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKilkeyBernard1893 Co. Derry
Civil MarriageKilkeyBernard1893 Co. Derry
Civil MarriageKilkeyGeorge1893 Co. Derry
MarriageKilkeyAnne1894 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKilkeyAnnie1894 Co. Derry
Civil MarriageKilkeySusan1894 Co. Derry
Church MarriageKilkeySusan1894 Co. Derry
GravestoneKilkeyRose1898 Co. Derry
GravestoneKilkeyRose1898 Co. Derry
GravestoneKilkeyAgnes1899 Co. Derry
GravestoneKilkeyAgnes1899 Co. Derry

It is also worth noting that occasional individuals are recorded in Tyrone or Antrim, these are all marriages and births remain stubbornly in Derry.

Kilkie 1800s

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