The Kilkie and Halliday familes joined when Rebecca Wilson Halliday married James Kilkie on 4th December 1954 in Glasgow. The two familes couldn’t have more different backgrounds, but interestingly their family histories converged previously in 1790 in Londonderry where John Kilkie and John Halliday could have bumped into each other.

Our Branch of the Halliday clan has two centres: Glasgow and Northern Ireland, but there are significant differences between this name and Kilkie:

  • There is a very healthy and growing contingent of Halliday descendents abroad, particularly in the United States and in Australia.
  • Our branch is only one of a large number of Halliday branches worldwide and the rule for Kilkie which is –  if you have the surname you must be my relative, doesnt apply here.
  • We have a few Halliday mormons in the family. This lucky event means that a number of mormons have carried out and documented their extensive research into the family history. As you might know there is a religious reason for mormons seeking to find their ancestors (I wont try to summarise, just Google it!).

From one group of our mormon Hallidays I was the grateful recipient of a 120 page book all about the descendents of our Abraham Halliday from Belfast. All of these researches have been incorporated into our tree. mormons are great documenters and as it is a religious quest they are normally very honest about the facts – however there is a downside they tend to accept even trivial connections as factual and there are some mormon connections which are easily disproved and we have excluded these individuals from our tree. 

The two Halliday “boys” in the image are John and Billy, two brothers from Glasgow. John is the eldest and is about to join the army and Billy is his younger brother, the youngest in the family. Both youngsters have passed now but have many descendents in the family.


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