George Hanson Edith Field, Bessie Smith,Clifford John Field, John Field, Joseph(Harry) Howard, Ethel Howard, Joe Howard, Annie Howard

Kilkie and Field family history joined when Martin Kilkie married Sarah Diane Field in 1978.

This ancient name is of pre 7th century German origins and Anglo-Saxon origins, is recorded in over seventy spellings. These range from Feild, Feld, and Field, to Delafield, Veld, Van den Velde, Feldmann, and the various ornamental compounds such as Feldblum or Fieldstone. However spelt, the name is topographical for someone who lived or worked on land which had been cleared of forest, but not brought into arable cultivation.

The image on the front page is of the Wedding of John Field to Avril Howard in Gravesend in 1954. It looks as if the family were asked to stand in height order! Fields on the left and Howards on the left.


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