The connection between the families here is that Jill Avril Howard married John Field and their daughter Sarah Diane married Martin Kilkie in 1978 in Gravesend Kent.

The Howard surname is famous, but our little branch was once thought to be one of those unconnected spurs that might or might not trace back to “importance”. History books are full of famous Howards and the East Anglian connection is particularly strong.

When carrying out our first researches into the local Gravesend Howards we were surprised to discover that someone in the immediate family (Probably Henry Joseph Howard) had made some initial researches and had a hand copied extract from a church register, this church being in Wickhampton between Norwich and Great Yarmouth.  As with all successful family history we have been lucky in that the vicars of the church in Wickhampton seem to have taken their administrative duties more seriously than most and documented everything – as a result we traced the Wickhampton Howards back to the late 18th century and beyond. Later back to 800AD and real royal connections, stronger indeed than the current british royal family!

The cover photo is from Milton Duck School primary top class in about 1913. Joe Howard (Henry Joseph is on the back row, far right.


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