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What is TNG?

TNG is short for The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding,  a fantastic program produced by Darrin Lythgoe in the United States and provided to family historians at almost nil cost (20$).  You will see me use TNG whenever I talk about our family tree and I mean this program and what it does.

In addition to being an excellent program it has a community of hundreds of users who add their own bits and solve problems. I am really positive that it will make our own family history site grow and prosper. 

Good points:

  • The program covers everything I can think off including details of individuals, photos, documents, sources and other media. It even allows for addition of DNA analyses which we will need to consider in the near future to help join our few disconnected branches.
  • It shows information in a number of standard formats including tables, charts and reports without you having to know how it does this.
  • It allows branches which lets individuals who are interested develop their own branches of the main family tree. This means that family members who obviously have their own branches (e.g. I have inherited the FIELD history shared only with my children via my wife Sarah FIELD). I can happily add to this, others might want to help develop BOYLE, DOCHERTY, EHEMANN etc). The Kilkie part stays as the joining surname but each branch becomes semi-autononomous.
  • Management, backup, security etc is all built in. I can keep outsiders out and ensure that if everything goes wrong I can restart in less than an hour.
  • The support from over two hundred other individuals in other groups means that I get help within minutes when I want to do something new.


  • None really except TNG is so useful that there are a lot of menus.
  • You need to get used to the way it does things
  • I need to make sure I let you do things but protect you from making accidental changes to the whole tree.
  • I need some other volunteers a) to help with maintenance and b) to ensure the family project continues, particularly to the next generation.

Over the near future we need to use the features in TNG to check all of the work we have done is collected and also that we add all the mishmash of photos and other bits we have lying in cupboards. The biggest problem with any family history is that people don't realise that today's photos and events for us are our decendents's family history.

Last modified onThursday, 05 January 2017 22:17

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