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What's new on Kilkie.org?

The makeover to Kilkie.org has two purposes.

  • Firstly, the new graphic front (template) is responsive, this means that it SHOULD change size and shape better when you read it on a tablet or phone.
  • Secondly and most importantly we have changed the way our family history is shown. There is still (and will continue to be) a full public tree on Ancestry.com but for many reasons family members are happier to share details of personal stories and facts with each other than they are making them publicly available on T'interweb.

The new family history program is called "The Next Generation Genealogy sitebuilder". It is produced by an excellent US programmer/family historian called Darrin Lythgoe. Darrin not only writes the program but coordinates massive support and resources that should mean we can use the program for a LONG time.

The only slight downside to the new program is that it is actually a completely separate program. The main consequence of this for users is that you have to login to the family history section AGAIN after you have logged into the main site. Once your computer notices this you should get this done automatically by most browsers.

About the new site:

The features in TNG mean that much more information can be stored and shown. In particular I hope that over time family members will feel happy adding all their photographs and memorabilia as a way of protecting them against the ravages of time and sharing them with future generations of the family. Secondly and most importantly the TNG encourages more than one "branch" of the tree, which I hope means that individuals might take ownership of their own particular branch and add and develop this over time.

Using the family tree(s)

I will start by making all new users GUESTs, who can look but cannot change anything, but as they (you) become more confident I can gladly add the ability for you to update stories and family facts. The separate HELP pages will become a FAQ helping family members to get used to the private side of the site but I also hope that most of it is self-explanatory.

At present the two most developed branches are KILKIE and FIELD. This is not preferential treatment: Kilkie is obviously because this is what we share in common and FIELD because it is my wife Sarah's side. Please do get involved and volunteer to manage your own branch (BOYLE, KELLY, DOCHERTY, HALLIDAY etc). Over the years (decades) I have learnt quite a lot about how to find out about historical family members and I will be glad to help any family member who wants to get their own branch developed but doesnt feel able. The BOYLE branch is quite well developed due to the efforst of Tommy Boyle and Ros Docherty has similarly added a lot to the DOCHERTY branch.


This is another exciting new set of features. In effect it is a private facebook where family members can in private share events, stories, updates without the increasly intrusive facebook adverts and seemingly random pushes of pages.  Most of this is self-explanatory but the HELP pages will include a FAQ on JOMSocial. Do try it - its fun, easy to use and private. Nobody in the outside world can see what we do on here - no employers (Bernie this means you can be called Bernie), no government snoopers - although if you are reading this at GCHQ then please register and join in!


Do please contribute and make suggestions and add your stories, photos and events. It is your(our) site and I am proud and privileged to keep it running - but without wider family input it will become dry and useless. Use SOCIAL to stay in touch and please ask all family members to join, not just one per branch. It is much safer than facebook and younger family members can safely communicate inside here.

Martin Kilkie, December 24 2016, Gravesend, Kent

Last modified onSunday, 20 January 2019 13:34

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