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Edit a family member's details in TNG


When logged in, click the Edit tab on Individual page or the Edit link on the Last Modified line of the Person's individual data

Select Edit

Edit Person Dialog

which will return the Edit - Existing Person dialog Edit existing person details.jpg

where you can enter new information details. You can enter place names directly, or

Find Place

You can click the Find icon (as shown in the image above) to obtain the Find Person modal dialog where you can enter part of the place name and then click the Search button to search for the place.

Edit existing person find place.jpg

Source Citation

To enter source and citation details, click the Source button as shown in the following image

Edit Person Add Source

which will return Add Citations dialog. You will need to click the Add New button to add the first citation.

Add Citation

which returns the dialog where you enter the Source by selecting the Source name from the pull down and then add the Citation detail

Add Source and Citation

and then click the Finish button to complete the Source and Citation addition.

Finish citation.jpg

Add More, Notes

Edit Person dialog

You can click the More icon to add additional information on an event.

You can also click the Notes icon to add Notes for an event.

Don't forget to click the Save button when finish with your edits to save the updates.

Add Media

If you click the Add Media tab Edit existing person add media.jpg


it will launch the Admin >> Media >> Add New screen where you can add the media and then link it to the individual.

See Media - Add New and select Media Links in the Table of Contents.

If you add the media to an event, it will then show with that event on the Person's page, such as the the Christening event media shown in this image.

Individual with event linked media

TNG menus

TNG is a run by menus and it is obvious(?) what most do. Plus TNG has very good built in help. This article just summarises the menus and shows you where they are.

1. The front screen menu

When you start TNG from within Kilkie.org you are shown this screen:

tng main menu

Search: Let's you search for family members.
Surnames: Find someone by their name.
Login: You need to login before you can use any of the TNG features.
Register: You need to register before you login. This is different from the login to the main website.
Whats new: The most recent changed individuals, new photos etc.
Most wanted: Here you can add questions or photos you are looking for help to find out about.
Places: This is a list of all the places linked to our family tree.
Notes: There are MANY notes attached to individuals to make them more interesting.
Dates: Arranges the tree in date order or lets you search for events on a particular date
Calendar: Shows a calendar with birthdays etc.
Photos: Shows all the photos in the database or lets you search for some
Documents: Listof certificates etc.
Headstones: Details of headstones of family individuals
Histories: Lists individual family histories - More on this later.
Recordings: Audio recordings we might make, e.g. getting younger family to interview older ones.
Videos: Video recordings we might make.
All media: Lets you search all media at one time.
Albums: More on this later.
Reports: Lets us create summaries of the family for your use.
Cemetaries: Details of the main cemeteries used for our family.
Statistics: Statistics on the family tree
Sources: Lists the various official records we use to document our family history
Repositories: Online resources for family history used in our researches.
Place Map: Lets you look at how our family is spread across the world.
Access Log: Shows what we have been doing to the information
Administration: Gets you to the admin menu (see later).

2. The top menu

Wherever you are in TNG there is a menu at the top of the screen that takes you back to the rest of our site but under that is a thin menu giving you quick access to most things you want to do:

top menu

Notice the three menus: Find, Media and Info - these give drop down lists that let you do everything without having to go back to the main menu. Also notice that Home and Search are  always there too.

3. The Admin menu

admin menu

Almost everybody gets this menu too. We might decide that youngsters can look but not change things etc but at present all users can add and change things by default. The admin menu lets you add new people familes and media quicker than going through the main menu. If you get lost remember the home button.





How do the guides work?

TNG has many different ways to do things but I am going to begin by explaining the most useful methods.

  • All of the guides to TNG will have many options I don't explain, I just show the simple thing that works.
  • Later on you can try the other options.
  • Also my explanations are quite detailed in case you need the detail. if you know what you are doing skip ahead and ignore parts you understand already.

Guides are quite long. This is deliberate but it does mean that it is hard to follow when you are using TNG at the same time. I recommend either using the guide in one window with TNG in another, or even better - print the guide out then follow it.


How to add "media" to the tree

1. GO to TNG and get to the individual you want to add a photo to then:

Make sure you are on the "Individual" tab. Tabs show under the person's name as shown below.

tng individual tabs

If you are on the right tab it shows blue. to move to the "indivdual" tab from another tab just click on "individual".

2. Next click on Add Media (which covers photos, videos etc.) This is on the right hand end of the list under "Individual" tab

This opens a new browser window/tab with quite a long set of options that I will take you through one stage at a time:

Stage 1. Which photo?:

add media part 1

Click on Choose file and find the photo on your computer.  For example here I have found the photo of my mum and my cousin Billy.

find file

Click on the one you are interested in (img229) in this case and then click the Open button. Now ignore all the other buttons and options and move to

Stage 2 - Describe whats on the photo

add media part 2

The more information you fill in here the better. By all means leave things you don't know yet blank. You can add or change things later.  

  • TITLE: Give the photo a title. Dont make it too long but not Just "Billy" something like "Martin Kilkie causes trouble" is better.
  • DESCRIPTION: Next add a DESCRIPTION. This can be longer e.g. "Martin Kilkie and his brother Bernie are causing trouble for their mum by eating all the cake."
  • OWNER/SOURCE: Next if possible  say who has the actual physical photo - you or someone else. E.g. "Ros Docherty's photo".
  • DATE TAKEN/CREATED: Next if you know when the photo was taken add this in the Date Taken/Created box, e.g. "September 1944"
  • Next click the Always viewable tick box. This lets everyone else see the photo.
  • Finally click the save and continue button.

Stage 3 - Link the photo to the correct person/people

Without you doing anything the name of the person you were looking at is added automatically. If this is the only person in the photo then this bit is done. But if there are others you need to add them by clicking on the magnifying glass (FIND Button). 

 add media part 3

This pop up will appear. Type in the name of the other person you want to add to the photo. When you find them click the Add by their name.

find link

If there are others add them to the  list in the same way then click finish.

Stage 4 - Where was the event in the photo?

Last stage is to "geocode" the photo. This is not essential but it is easy and adds a lot to the information. 

add media part 4

Type in the location of the photo in the Place taken/Created box. Then click Show/Hide clickable map. If the address you typed in makes sense to Google it will appear on the map. I find that you usually need to remove any house number or even give a more general address, e.g. in this case Glasgow, Scotland or Penilee Glasgow, Scotland. 

Once it gets an address it recognises it turns it into Latitude and longitude numbers.

Stage 5 - Finish

Phew. Now all you have to do is click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Finally remember this was a new window/tab so shut this window/tab and you are back where you started. Well done.  PS the photo will not show as added until you exit and re-enter the program.

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